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MAINE: Oceanside home renovation

Nestled along the New England coastline in a beautiful neighborhood, you'll find our Maine residential renovation project. From classic design details and impressive woodworking craftsmanship, this property invites the outside in.

A Dream Location

A winding driveway leads you to this serene picture: pristine landscaping, a classic red New England barn, and a field of grasses blowing in the breeze.

Luxurious Sitting Room

Double doors open to reveal this luxurious sitting room. A brilliant selection of new and restored pieces, moody lighting, and ivory keys waiting to be played set the tone for any evening.

Textures, Color, & Furniture Selections

Custom artwork throughout the home and rich, warm color palettes delight the eye. Organic textures, expansive windows, and thoughtful furniture placements accent gorgeous woodworking details.

The Porch

The porch features warm colors, durable fabrics, bold prints, and organic accents.

Sitting Room

The second floor sitting room serves as a common space between the primary suite and other bedrooms. Textured wallpaper, a spectacular view, and custom pieces elevate the experience in this space.

Space for Recreation

The home's custom built barn affords space for recreation, storage, and home projects throughout the season.

Design Resources

The Maine residential interior design installation was made possible by:


"We celebrate the beauty and balance of impeccable interior design throughout every transformation."

- Carol Friedman, Owner


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