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Design Resource on Display

Take a peek into our new holiday window display at Lawless Upholstery in Concord, MA. Did you know our design office is located inside, too? This season's holiday display takes a bold spin on timeless elegance. The vibrant patterns, beautifully layered textures, and seamlessly upholstered pieces are just waiting to be a part of your conversation. Stop by to see for yourself!

A Bold Vision

When it comes to design, we love the opportunity to take the path least expected. This year, we're celebrating the season with bold jewel tones, statement patterns, and an approach to timeless luxury that invites you in.

Layered Textures & Patterns

This year's vibrant window display melds revived vintage pieces, freshly tailored details, and rich gold accents.

Restored Elegance

With a passion for infusing life into tired heirloom pieces, we curated a selection of vintage furnishings just craving a new chapter. Now, the reupholstered couch and side chair, vintage lampshade, and sparkly chandelier create the elegant ambiance of a luxurious sitting room.

The View Under Moonlight

Let's Work Together

The Design Resource experience is all-inclusive with no limitations. Whether we set out to refresh an interior space, tackle a full renovation, or oversee a new construction project, our seasoned approach respects your budget, time, and promises to exceed your expectations.

Design Resources

Our holiday window installation was made possible by:


"A designer's brushstroke is not merely a stroke of aesthetics but a curated symphony of elegance. Every detail is a note, carefully composed to transform spaces into sanctuaries, weaving a client's vision into the very fabric of their home."

- Carol Friedman, Owner


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