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CHESTNUT HILL: Residential condo renovation unites luxury and comfort

Our clients set out to downsize into a gorgeous condo in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. We worked to balance transitional design, luxury, function, and a lifetime of art collections inside their new open-concept home. The calm, clean, and fresh delivery features thoughtful combinations and delightful moments. Here's a look at our favorite installation details.

Open Living Concept

The main, expansive living area of the Chestnut Hill Condo is drenched in gorgeous natural light. We coordinated pieces both new and old to create intentional spaces for entertaining, dining, music, writing, and beyond.

Functional Furniture Favorites

When challenged with small or multi-purpose spaces, we love to maximize opportunities for functionality. Inside Chestnut Hill, we carefully curated two beautiful pieces that serve dual purposes. The first is a secretary's desk. When closed, it creates a stately moment in the corner of the living area. When open, an inviting nook emerges to welcome a small workspace. The second is a transitional bar. When closed, it's a beautiful display piece. When opened, guests can delight in top-shelf spirits.

Transitional Design Kitchen

With kitchen design, regardless of space, there is always an opportunity to create a statement. This transitional design kitchen features soft grey cabinets that maximize storage. Timeless quartz countertops offer beauty and durability. Most of all, the built-in pantry, glass door hutch, recessed ceiling, and modern chandelier elevate the expected.


Refuge calls! The Chestnut Hill bedrooms unite color and textures to express personality and tell a story.


Extended off of each bedroom to complete the master and guest suites, the Chestnut Hill bathrooms are a statement of luxury. Maximizing both space and design interest, the main living area's powder room features a unique floating vanity.

Design Resources

The Chestnut Hill residential interior design installation was made possible by:


"Every space breathes opportunity to celebrate the beauty of impeccable interior design. We love creating thoughtful spaces that fit your lifestyle. "

- Carol Friedman, Owner

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A DiMarino
A DiMarino
Jul 19, 2023

Awesome job to you and your team Carol.

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